Announcing a Discount on Xceldyne Retainers and PSI Springs

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Xceldyne RetainersWe here at CV Products aren’t in the habit of offering discounts on our retainer/spring combo, but we thought about it some and found a soft spot in our hearts, prompting us to offer 10 percent off these sought after Xceldyne retainers and PSI springs. The deal is good through the first day of October — which is next Monday. So if you’ve been thinking about scooping up some of these products, the time to act is yesterday!

These particular high-tech parts from both Xceldyne — our in-house brand of valvetrain components — and PSI, are instrumental in building high-performance racing engines, and the 10 percent discount is only available by entering rscombo10 in the Note area when purchasing on our website (or you can mention rscombo10 when placing an order by phone at 1-800-448-1223).

Our Xceldyne Valvetrain System features 8° titanium valve locks and titanium spring retainers in order for both to be properly seated to the valve stem and not rotate freely when pulled together. A proper fit for these three components ensures the strength and durability of your valvetrain. As a result, the Xceldyne 8° configuration is quickly becoming the top choice of engine builders.

Xceldyne valvetrain components feature manufactured locks and retainers that are designed to fit like a glove with our titanium valves, providing a match that we readily stake our reputation on as being the strongest, most reliable valvetrain system for any race application you might have in mind.

Our titanium retainers are CNC-machined to provide among the highest accuracy and surface finishes in the industry with a Mil-Spec heat-treated titanium alloy that features unbelievable strength and resistance to wear and tear. And these wear-resistance solutions are always being improved upon. CV Product’s proprietary steel alloy retainer is a lightweight design that also provides superior wear characteristics.

PSI-Valve-SpringAs for top-of-the-line valve springs, the engineering whizzes at PSI have professional racing as their top priority when it comes to materials, design and manufacturing techniques. That goes a long way in explaining why racers who use PSI springs tend to do well on the track. To be more specific, PSI springs have figured prominently in more professional racing championships than any other brand, and it’s difficult to argue with that fact.

PSI produces a half-dozen race-tested springs, including the 1000 series, which has become the go-to spring for the value-minded racer on a tight budget. Advanced heat treatment applied to springs in the 1200 series results in a higher fatigue limit, bringing the valve train setup to the next level.

The 1500 series caters to the circle track and road circuit teams, two race venues that are tied to endurance for the success of their drivers due to a process that increases the strength at the surface of the wire. The Max Life series from PSI utilizes a process that improves spring endurance, while the RML series uses the latest technology to create high-strength materials for drag racers who require such load retention capabilities. And the new TCRE spring-tip conditioner retainer end is now available for some applications.

To obtain your 10 percent discount for these top-quality retainers and springs, simply enter rscombo10 in the note area when purchasing on the CV Products website, or mention the code when calling in your order.

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