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Used to be a time when, if you wanted to fiddle with the pushrods on your racecar engine or conduct a valvetrain test, it was pretty much an exercise in trial and error. And because you can’t visually inspect the inside of your engine without X-ray vision, these tests ended up being more error than trial.


SpinTrom valvetrain testing machine. Watch the video below to see CV Products’ SpinTron in action!

But with the advent of the SpinTron valvetrain testing machine — along with the accompanying technical support to operate and interpret data — CV Products’ racing parts warehouse offers customers the ability to “see” inside your engine while it’s running at a full range of rpm values.

That’s something you won’t get from other providers of high-performance racing parts and accessories. To be able to identify, document and record vital characteristics of your valvetrain — and do so precisely — offers you the opportunity to correct valvetrain incidents, which of course leads to better performance and longer engine life.

There are only about 100 SpinTron machines in operation in race shops throughout the United States today, and CV Products is proud to announce that we own one of these wonders. And now we’re renting it out to you — our customers.

The SpinTron, which first emerged just two decades ago, uses a powerful AC electric motor to spin the crankshaft and valvetrain of a racecar engine. A laser camera is employed to track the valve motion and the behavior of the pushrod. All this data is then transmitted in the form of a bell graph to an adjacent computer.

As a result, you get live results on the computer screen as well as comprehensive reports that you can print up and refer to later on. Benefits of using the SpinTron include:

  • Build more power through greater valvetrain stability at higher rpms
  • The ability to increase engine reliability
  • Identify and resolve valvetrain issues in real-time
  • Create stable custom valvetrain computation for your personal needs

And it should go without saying that CV Products has an extensive on-site parts inventory for unlimited testing opportunities and combinations when using our in-house SpinTron machine. We’re currently renting out our SpinTron to customers for $750 a day. Buy yourself two days of testing and you get a third day free for a limited time!

For more information, watch the video below or visit us at 42 High Tech Blvd.; Thomasville, North Carolina, or call us at (800) 448-1223 or (336) 472-2242. Or you can email us at

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