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Here at CV Products, we pride ourselves with our generous “give, give, give, never take” attitude. And to prove it, we’re offering two free quarts of Lucas, Maxima, or Mobil 1 racing oils when you purchase 12 quarts from our warehouse. Also today only (Friday, Feb. 15), we’re offering a 5 percent discount on any other items from the product line of these find brands.

And since we’re offering a selection of three excellent racing oils from which to choose, we thought we’d offer a rundown on what each offers:

Lucas High Performance Racing Oil is a purpose-built product designed for the high-performance racing industry. It’s blended with an exclusive additive package that includes lubricity agents and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oil and it protects metal like a heavy multi-viscosity oil. It’s the perfect product for high-rpm and high-horsepower engines.

Key benefits of High Performance Racing Oil include:

  • High zinc fortified
  • Perfect oil for high-rpm engines
  • Extra protection
  • Lower oil temperature
  • Less drag for more horsepower!
  • Compatible With methanol or racing gas

Maxima RS 4-cycle Engine Oil is a full-synthetic, triple ester-based race-grade oil. Its industry-leading additive system offers the ultimate in engine performance and protection. Maxima’s technologically advanced formula contains special anti-wear/extreme pressure additives that go a long way toward protecting critical engine components from extreme loads and peak temperatures generated by high-performance engines. A regenerative, high-viscosity index, synthetic polymer system resists mechanical breakdown and viscosity loss of the oil. RS delivers increased horsepower and torque and superior engine cleanliness. This ensures reduced wear on bearings, cams, lifters, and crankshafts, thus extending engine life. A high zinc/phosphorous formula was specifically engineered for use in flat tappet and roller element engines.

The RS series is available in the following six specific viscosities to better match your engine to conditions and needs:

  • RS010 – 0W-10
  • RS020 – 0W-20
  • RS530 – 5W-30
  • RS1030 – 10W-30
  • RS1040 – 10W-40
  • RS1550 – 15W-50

Mobil 1 Racing Oils have a singleness of purpose: to maximize performance on the racetrack. Available in a 0W-30 viscosity — and with an 0W-50 viscosity on the immediate horizon — these oils deliver outstanding power output while providing increased levels of anti-wear. With that kind of protection, Mobil 1 is perfect for a full range of racing engine applications, including highly loaded flat-tappet designs.

Key benefits of Mobil 1 Racing Oils include:

  • Boosted levels of anti-wear protection well beyond those of ordinary automotive oils
  • Provides superior shear stability and a robust additive package, resulting in less oil breakdown
  • Offers rapid flow to critical engine parts at low temperatures when compared to conventional racing oils and higher-viscosity synthetic motor oils
  • Delivers high-temperature protection at temps exceeding 400ºF (204ºC)

For more specific information on each of these racing oil please contact your CV Sales Representative @ 1-800-448-1223.

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