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CV-XchangeWhen it comes to technology, change is almost always a good thing. And that’s especially true when you’re talking about cutting-edge race technology where improvements come about at a staggering pace. It’s like trying to maintain eye contact with a high-performance stock car as it whips past you on the circle track. It’s almost impossible to keep it in view.

Like it or not, when a new technology comes to the forefront, the result often means that yesterday’s hot products begin to diminish in stature. These products, while still excellent on their own merits — and through no fault of their own — become relegated to a back shelf. They begin to hold a little less status in the performance and racing industry. Think of it as a Circle of Life kind of thing, but without the ferocious lion.

And for a lot of us at CV Products, it’s also a guilt thing. That’s because as our company strives to offer the most advanced high performance racing parts on the planet — either on our shelves or in development — we still hate to see perfectly good equipment dumped because it’s no longer considered the latest or greatest.

Which is why we created CV Xchange, our newest division at CV Products. Truth of the matter is that while our visionary products are always in high demand by those in the racing community, we still have a raft of new and used goods that — while not exactly hot off the metal press — hold plenty of value for a lot of auto racers and car enthusiasts. Examples would be gear for those who are just starting out in racing, maybe building their first car.

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