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Seems like just yesterday, but another month has rolled around and — more specifically — another 25th of the month is almost here. And for those of us who keep track of such things here at CV Products, it’s time for our sixth round of promotional deals for our customers.

CV-Products-Anniversary-LogoWe’re celebrating a quarter of a century in business this year, and each month during 2013 we’re offering savings on our gear, equipment and track apparel on the 25th of that month to correspond with our 25th anniversary.

This month, the 25th falls on a Tuesday. And what that means to you, fellow celebrant, is that we’re offering everyone who makes a purchase on that day — whether its via our website, by phone a stroll through our doors — a rebate of 5 percent of what you spend on your next CV Products purchase.

That means if you spend a thousand dollars on the 25th of June, you get a rebate of $50 for your next order — as long as it’s placed on or before July 25 by phone or walk-in. Once a purchase is made on the 25th of June via the CV website, phone or walk-in, a note is made to your CV account of the amount of the rebate.

Heck, we’ll even call you around the 20th of July if you haven’t yet redeemed your rebate, reminding you that it’s available and you should get hopping if you want to take advantage of the savings.

Like everything else in life, there are rules and restrictions, and here’s ours regarding this promotion: Continue reading

CV-Products-Anniversary-LogoWe’re trying to keep in the back of our minds that you – our customers  – might not be as amped up as we are here at CV Products about this year being our 25th anniversary. That being the case, this blog post should serve as a reminder that we’re offering incredible savings on the 25th of each month throughout the year.

That means that today — Monday, March 25 — we’ve gone ahead and instituted a 5 percent rebate on darned near everything we sell. We’re talking about equipment from more than 500 high performance auto racing brands. Need engine parts? Knock 5 percent off. Chassis parts? Deduct 5 percentage points. Safety apparel or pit supplies? When in comes to discounts, we’re your huckleberry.

With thousands of racetrack-related items from which to choose, you can save a bundle if you act today. Find yourself in need of springs, gauges, shocks or rod ends? We’ve got your chassis equipment ready to ship or pick up. At a discount, of course. Same goes for drivetrain gear, body kits, chemicals, fasteners, filters, pumps, plumbing and tools.

About the only items not included in today’s rebate program are manufactured custom parts from Xceldyne. Also, your rebate must be redeemed by April 25 (at which time we’ll have another anniversary promotional offer), and your discount can’t be used with any other current CV Products sales promotion.

Again, keep in mind that this promotional party will take place on the 25th of every month from now through December 2013, so it makes sense that you to mark that date on your calendars. That means that, including today, you’ve got 10 more opportunities to save big at CV Products.

If you want to take full advantage of our anniversary offering, you can call in your order to (800) 448-1223 or place your order online at

Free 25th Anniversary CV Products t-shirt with qualifying purchase.

Free 25th Anniversary CV Products t-shirt with qualifying purchase.

As you may have heard, this year marks our 25th anniversary here at CV Products and we’re shamelessly exploiting that observance throughout 2013 with great deals and discounts on our warehouse full of high performance auto racing products. And the party starts today — Monday, Feb. 25 — with deals on many of our top brand-name spark plugs. That’s right. For today — and for today only — you become the beneficiary of our birthday brouhaha!

Check out these one-day special deals:

  • 5 percent off your purchase of 16 from Autolite spark plugs, Champion spark plugs or NGK spark plugs.
  • 16 spark plugs isn’t enough, you say? Then how about 10 percent off your purchase of 32 spark plugs? Too good to be true? Keep reading…
  • Or, if you prefer, 10 percent off your purchase of 64 spark plugs — with which you receive a free 25th Anniversary CV Products t-shirt!

Today’s special is good for the following brands of spark plugs only: Continue reading

Here at CV Products, we know how to throw a party. Fact is, it’s our 25th anniversary this year and we’re going to be partying like it’s 1988. And you’re invited! We’re not talking about a banquet hall and balloons and hors d oeuvres here, although that would be nice.

iStock_000012780074XSmallWhat we’re going to do is share this special silver anniversary celebration with the people who are closest to our hearts outside of our immediate families — and that’s you, our loyal customer. Not only that, but you’re included in a celebration that’s going to last until the end of the year!

If you know anything about CV Products’ reputation, you know we don’t believe in half measures. We’re either all in or we’re all out, and when it comes to celebrating a quarter of a century in this business, we’re not only all in but we’re dragging you along for the ride with discounts, promotions, specials and every other adjective that helps describe the great deals we’ll be offering on our products.

What you should be doing right now is grabbing a pen and circling the 25th of each month for the rest of 2013. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Done? OK, here’s the deal: Continue reading