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Editor’s Note: This month’s Meet the Team blog post puts the focus fully on our friends and valued partners at Aeroquip, which now operates as a subsidiary of Eaton, the highly respected mobile, industrial, aerospace, automotive, aerospace and military conglomerate. Now known as Eaton-Aeroquip, this race-oriented manufacturing firm — known then as Aeroquip Corp. — was founded in Maumee, Ohio, back in 1940.

Aeroquip_LogoThe reason Eaton-Aeroquip holds such a special place in our hearts is because the company has been aligned with us almost since CV Product’s inception in 1988. In fact, we’ve been distributing the Aeroquip line of high performance auto plumbing products for the last 23 years, making it one of the first product lines CV offered.

What Aeroquip does — and does so well — is develop and manufacture hoses, fittings, adapters, couplings and fluid connectors for use in the high-performance racing market. In addition to being used in NASCAR’s lower divisions (i.e., K&N East and K&N West Series), where these Aeroquip goodies really shine is on the drag strip, the asphalt short track and most dirt racing applications.

Here at CV, Aeroquip’s products fall under the heading of “performance plumbing,” offering American-made performance hose and fittings from a company that is the only one we know of that designs and manufactures its own hose. Engineers at Aeroquip personally test each hose length to ensure a superior level of strength and safety. As a matter of fact, every one of Aeroquip’s hoses are Continue reading

In this economy, if you’re not constantly on the lookout for bargains and sale items, you probably have family money or you’re working three jobs. Here at CV Products, we understand the virtue of thrift, which is why we go to all the trouble to find popular items that we can mark down and offer up — to you!

Below are a half-dozen high-performance auto racing products that we think you might want to slap onto your own racecar this season. Be sure to note that the sale runs from now through Friday, March 15, for much of this gear, and through Friday, March 22, for the rest.

Bassett 15X10 Wide 5 Wheels


Our Bassett 15×10 Wide 5 wheel (black) and Bassett 15×10 Ultra Light Wide 5 wheel (black), each normally priced at around $100, are available through March 15 for $88.95 for the lightweight version and $86.95 for the black. The CV product numbers for these wheels are BAS50SR5 and BAS50SR5-LW, and you can view them online at in the Bassett section of our website. Go ahead and purchase four or more of these wheels and we’ll toss in the valve stems!

  • Bassett 15×10 Wide 5 wheels offer three advantages over other wheels: a spun-form rim shell that features low runout; a proprietary welding technique that increases strength; and low unsprung weights of under 18 pounds. In addition, Bassett wheels feature Armor Edge — a reinforced, rolled-over bead flange lip that doubles the thickness and creates a strong crush zone.
  • Bassett’s Ultra Light Wide 5 wheel is the lightest 15×10 Wide 5 wheel in the industry, weighing in at only 15.75 pounds! What does this offer the owner of a late-model stock racecar? An immediate bolt-on performance advantage by lowering the moment of inertia, which boosts horsepower and improves handling. Bassett’s unique wave pattern welding technique and special HSLA steel for a flatter, stronger ring center means these wheels last three times as long as any other wide-five on the market — even those weighting five pounds more! Plus, a patented cornering fatigue testing lets Bassett’s engineers know their latest designs will work before the wheel hits the track.

SCS Quick Change Sportsman Series Gears


What we offer here is a call-in special only — not available online — on our quality SCS Quick Change Sportsman Series gears. Normally priced at $87.85 each, we’re selling them for $85 each through March 22. These gears are CNC-crown hobbed, which means they meet the stringent standards accepted by SCS.

Made of 8620 material, these gears are heat treated with an REM finish. And while less expensive that SCS’s professional series, they’re engineered the same way with the same gear ratios available. In addition, the SCS gear-ratio card also works for both series.

To take advantage of this sale on SCS Quick Change Sportsman Series gears, call us at 800-448-1223. And if you purchase a set of these gears, we’ll give you a quart of Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil SAE 80W-90 or SAE85W-140.

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