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Charlie Fisher of Fisher Racing Engines

We can’t think of a single thing that makes us happier than having an engine builder tell us how much they like one of our products — and that holds true for every racing item we manufacture here at CV Products.

Take our XTS belt drive for sprint cars, for example. We know it’s a great system and apparently, so do our customers. A proven race winner, our belt drive features a two-piece design aluminum hard-anodized cam gear that not only eases, but also reduces the time to degree the camshaft.

Charlie Fisher of Fisher Racing Engines in Plain City, Ohio, is a big fan of our XTS product, but he admits had some doubts about using our belt on his sprint car engines. He said the camshaft drive systems in sprint cars are often subject to additional loads from the oil pump, magneto, power-steering pump and the fuel pump.

Nevertheless, he banked on obtaining more power and dependability and went ahead and pulled the trigger on running our XTS belt drive system.

But let’s let Fisher describe his experience:

“I immediately noticed during dyno testing that our detonation light does not come on when the engine is properly fueled and timed. Before this, it would come on two times during a run. I am seeing 0.1- to 1-horsepower per cylinder again when using the belt drive in conjunction with the crank trigger. Often we see a loss of top end power with a crank trigger due to lack of retard.”

Available in an XTS90306 standard cam and Continue reading

SPRINT Car Cam DriveKeeping in mind that the choice of cam you make will most likely have a huge effect on the power curve your engine will develop, we’d like to introduce you to our new XTS90300 Sprint Car Cam Drive that was tailor-made for sprint car applications.

As a matter of fact, we’ll be hosting a seminar on our new cam drive at the International Motorsports Industry Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The seminar will be held in the Engine 3 room No. 134 beginning at noon on Friday, Dec. 7.

Brought to you by our own Xceldyne Timing Systems brand, the innovative XTS90300 Sprint Car Cam Drive is equipped with a 400-millimeter belt from Goodyear that cushions vibrations and damaging frequencies from the valve train, all the while standing up to temperatures surpassing Continue reading