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It’s always nice to have a theme in mind when conducting a giant sale with prices slashed like they’ve never been slashed before. And without a doubt, the common thread running through this particular sale is safety. Below are 10 or so examples of safety gear that you can purchase for yourself, your race team, or maybe your teen-age son who erroneously believes a conservative freeway cruising speed in his hotrod is 80 mph.

Each item below is on sale through the close of business on Friday, March 29, and not all items are available on (some deals require you to give us call between 8am – 6pm Monday thru Friday on either (800) 448-1223 or (336) 472-2242).

Shock-Doctor-Helmet-RemovalShock Doctor Emergency Helmet Removal System

When we tell you that Shock Doctor’s helmet removal system is so highly praised that many racing series now require it for their drivers, you’ll want to grab up a few of these safety devices for yourself. The Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System (SD890-01-30) from Shock Doctor helps prevent further neck and spine injuries of crash victims by making helmet removal easier for first responders after a crash. And from now through March 29, we’re taking $10 off the price, selling them for only $49.99 each. Curious to see exactly how this nifty safety device works? Watch this video of the Shock Doctor helmet eject system in action.

Amick Tethers

Amick Associates and Amick Race Car Restraints Division develops vehicle component restraint technology for NASCAR, ChampCar, IRL, Star Mazda, 600 Racing and The Grand American Racing Series, which in turn creates a safe racing environment for drivers and fans alike.

The company offers superior tether products for wheels, hoods, decks, roof flaps and wings and we’re currently offering 5 percent off these products in a call-in special through March 29. To order durable Amick tethers, call us here at CV Products at (800) 448-1223 or (336) 472-2242. You can’t find these items on our website. This is a call-in special only.

FireBottle Manual Pull Fire Suppression SystemSafety Systems RC-500

Safety Systems, Inc’s. RC-500 — a five-pound manual pull fire suppression system that includes an aluminum bottle that measures 17.25 inches by 4 inches and weighs nine pounds — is now on sale online at Ask racers who have found themselves in the hot seat — literally — at some point in their racing careers, and they’ll most likely tell you a fire bottle saved their lives. We’re selling the RC-500 Manual Pull Fire Suppression System for just
$379 through March 29 (that’s a five percent savings to you, our valued customers).

Safecraft Model LT5 fire extinguisherSafecraft LT5 Fire Bottle

The Safecraft Model LT5 fire extinguisher features a lightweight design that is popular in both circle track and drag racing, and it’s now on sale for five percent (5%) off the regular price. Along with the lightweight cylinder, the Model LT5 has a compact discharge head that gives it a smaller overall size. It is distinguished by a swivel head design that Another feature not found on even more expensive racing extinguishers is the “swivel” discharge head design that can be rotated for easy pull cable hook-up.

The LT5’s discharge head is machined from billet aluminum and anodized for great looks and has two separate discharge ports. This lets you run separate lines to the driver and engine. The aluminum cylinder is Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved and can be refilled. Included with each Safecraft Model LT5 fire extinguisher we sell is a Continue reading