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Now available, a set of eight X2 valves can be yours at the extraordinary value of $250 for a Small Block Chevy and you can take advantage of some professional valvetrain tutelage in the form of on-the-phone support from Marty Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is our X2 product manager and this valvetrain veteran has more than a quarter of a century of experience in the racing industry. In fact, his race resume includes work with a variety of engine and race teams, not the least of which is Evernham Motorsports at the NASCAR Sprint Cup level as a cylinder head professional.

X2 valves were born from Xceldyne, the leader in world-class racing Continue reading

2015 catalog blog post 2If you didn’t attend the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis last month, you might not know that CV Products released a NEW catalog. The catalog showcases the products we manufacture to help you reach the winner’s circle.  By picking up your copy today or viewing the catalog online via our website, you will notice coverage includes engine and chassis parts such as SLR components, Spin fuel delivery systems, Xceldyne valves and valve train components, the XTS belt drives, and the newly introduced X2 line.

For the uninitiated, the X2 line represents our entry into the value-driven category on products like valves, pushrods, roller lifters and other valve train components.

As you’ve come to expect from us, the CV Products catalog offers information about the Continue reading

Christie Beightol, Xceldyne Engineer

Christie Beightol, Xceldyne Engineer

Maintaining a consistent enthusiasm for your job is easy to accomplish when you’re an experienced engineer working for one of the top racing valvetrain system manufacturers in the world and you’re also a gigantic fan of motorsports, racing and NASCAR. That saturated-in-satisfaction employee would by Christine Beightol, a mechanical engineer for Xceldyne Technologies, a division of CV Products headquartered in the same business park as our own headquarters in Thomasville, N.C.

For years, our team over at Xceldyne has set the bar for crafting durable, reliable and high-performance titanium valves and valvetrain components targeting the motorsport racing community. And Christine has been there with us, joining Xceldyne in the summer of 2007. She’s got a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute in Flint, Mich. (now Kettering University), and an associate of science degree in motorsports management technology from Rowan Cabarrus Community College in North Carolina.

Let’s learn a little bit more about this engineer with a penchant for speed. Meet Christine Beightol:

CV Products: What did you do prior to coming to work for CV Products? 

Christine Beightol: I have held positions in quality and design engineering for various manufacturing companies in North Carolina. I also worked in the engine department at Bill Davis Racing in High Point before joining CV Products.

CV: What attracted you to CV Products?

Christine: I have always loved racing and wanted to Continue reading

Xceldyne RetainersWe here at CV Products aren’t in the habit of offering discounts on our retainer/spring combo, but we thought about it some and found a soft spot in our hearts, prompting us to offer 10 percent off these sought after Xceldyne retainers and PSI springs. The deal is good through the first day of October — which is next Monday. So if you’ve been thinking about scooping up some of these products, the time to act is yesterday!

These particular high-tech parts from both Xceldyne — our in-house brand of valvetrain components — and PSI, are instrumental in building high-performance racing engines, and the 10 percent discount is only available by entering rscombo10 in the Note area when purchasing on our website (or you can mention rscombo10 when placing an order by phone at 1-800-448-1223).

Our Xceldyne Valvetrain System features 8° titanium valve locks and titanium spring retainers in order for both to be properly seated to the valve stem and not rotate freely when pulled together. A proper fit for these three components ensures the strength and durability of your valvetrain. As a result, the Xceldyne 8° configuration is quickly becoming the top choice of engine builders.

Xceldyne valvetrain components feature manufactured locks and retainers that are designed to fit like a glove with our titanium valves, providing a match that we readily stake our reputation on as being the strongest, most reliable valvetrain system for any race application you might have in mind.

Our titanium retainers are CNC-machined to provide among the highest Continue reading